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(0.9) Robotics Dependencies Container

  • The project contains compile errors. Check whether automatic build is activated by navigating to menu 'Project' and checking 'Build Automatically'.
  • Robotics Dependencies are not updated when configuration file is changed. Try to close and re-open the complete Eclipse project, e.g. by selecting the appropriate options in the context menu.
  • Application throws configuration-related exceptions when the configuration file is changed. At the moment, the configuration file has to be updated in the application's source code as well. Check if the application's main method loads the appropriate file.

(0.9) Robotics API Visualization

  • Visualization shows no models. In this case, the used robot models might not be supported yet. However, by traversing the graph of frames in the SceneGraph view (node REMOTE), you should be able to see the kinematic structures. Frames selected in the SceneGraph view are also displayed in the 3DView. Tip: Right-click a node in the SceneGraph, select 'Visible' and then select 'Toggle childrens visibility' to enable permanent visualization of frames in a structure.

(0.9) Robotics API and Eclipse